Women Population in Japan


On March 24 the Nihonkeizai Newspaper reported, "The Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications announced that the population of female has begun to decrease for the first time since 1950." When I read the news, I was surprised. When I had heard that the continuous increase of the population of Japan had peaked and changed to decreasing few years ago, I had been convinced that the population of the male and female had begun to occur at the same time.

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Decrease of Women Population

However the newspaper says the woman population is still now "natural increase." The deaths subtracted from the births leave 7,000 annually. And the female population became "society decrease" because the females who departed from Japan were 27,000 more than the females who entered to Japan.
This news is a great surprise to me.

As the one of the reasons of the "society decrease," the increase of the females' long stay in and immigration into foreign countries is guessed.

The above article reminded me of many scenes. About 18-year ago, I got on a plane to go to Switzerland for the first time. The fellow passengers were almost women who were probably going to sightseeing travel. They who were used to travelling overwhelmed me.

I began to learn English conversation at a conversation class after the travelling. My classmates are almost women always. Their English improves more rapidly than my English.

After a transfer to a new place, generally the wife begins to speak the dialect of the new place faster than the husband.

I don't know the cell phone age but in the fixed-line phone age, the "long phone conversation" was the pronoun of women.

The communication between the mother and her married daughters and between her daughters is much more active than the communication between the father and his married sons and between his sons. So men cannot know each other family conditions but women know well each other family conditions clearly.

The mother teaches language to her baby who does not know any language. I think this process lets her obtain the basis of communication.

I enumerated the female's features like above. I would like to add one more feature. It is probably that the Japanese men are not attractive to some Japanese women." But I have not data about this.

After all, I think "they are full of curiosity about communication, have talent for communication, and are skillful of conversation." So they have an interest in foreign countries by these features. And their interest develops to the trips overseas, long stay in foreign country, and immigration.

The men of our generation were grown up under the slogan, "What men need is actions rather than words," and worked as one of gears in the complicated society. We needed to communicate with the engaged gears only. Our communication was relatively simple.

Now many women have begun to work like our generation had worked. As a result, I fear they will lose their specialty, communication skill. I hope they will choose the way to the moderate "natural increase" of women population and to the slow "social decrease" of women population.

While writing this, I heard the news about the five pairs of "Toki" birds. (Toki is called "Japanese crested ibis")
The news said, "The five pairs of "Toki” were artificially raised at Sado Island of the northern Japan and released into the wild." "The one pair of them died." "Four females flew to the mainland from Sado Island, but four males are staying in Sado Island."
This news reminds me the "Social Decrease."

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uploaded May 1, 2009