Diary of making up my antennas.

On 14th,Sep,1997 I've made up my VHF/UHF antennas with my local cooperation. This is the diary of it !

First stand up GP antenna (Diamond X-7000 , 5/8X3) on the top of the roof tower .
And making up 430MHz stack antenna (Commet CYA-731W , 31elementX2) .

Now stand up 430MHz stack antenna !
Now making up 144MHz stack antenna (Create 2X213 , 13elementX2) .

Just completed 144MHz stack antenna .
But it is very heavy !!!

Oh ! it's very dangerous !!!

Just complete my antennas !!!
But I can't stand up a HF band antenna , because the center mast pipe isn't enough long !
It's very regrettable for me !!!
My HF band antenna is in a storehouse now !!!

Many thanks for a lot of cooperations of my local stations !
Cooperaters are JL7CFD Mr.Ohmori , JK7VTS Mr Takahashi , JJ7PPR Mr.Suzuki and JI7UNM Mr.Aihara .
Next I 'll challenge standing up HF band antenna !
(Now I only have wire DP antenna for HF band !)