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V.13,n.1(Summer 1993)
  1. Editor's notes, by K. Blackwell(p.2-4)
  2. Three studies of Russell's neutral monism, by R. E. Tully(p.5-35)
  3. Definite descriptions, negation, and necessitation, by Charles Sayward(p.36-47)
  4. The Decemviri, by Nicholas Griffin and Alison Miculan(p.48-62)
  5. Spirited satire: the fiction of Bertrand Russell, by Gladys Garner Leithauser(p.63-82)
  6. The psychiatrist's nightmare, by Katharine Nicholson(p.83-86)
  7. Human Knowledge from pen to print: a collation of texts, by Ned S. Garvin(p.87-100)
  8. Foundations of mathematics; a review of C. W. Kilmster's Russell, by Michael Byrd(p.101-104)
  9. Russell's idealist phase; a review of Nicholas Griffin's Russell's Idealist Apprenticeship(Oxford; Clarendon Press, 1991), by Alasdair Urquhart(p.104-108)
  10. Psychobiography and reality; a review of Andrew Brink's Bertrand Russell: the psychobiography of a moralist(Atlantic Highlands, N.J.; Humanities Press International, 1989), by Louis Greenspan(p.108-111)

V.13,n2(Winter 1993/1994)

  1. Editor's notes, by K. Blackwell(p.114-116)
  2. Religion in the Russell family, by Stefan Andersson(p.117-149)
  3. Why Russell didn't think he was a philosopher of education, by Paul Hager(p.150-167)
  4. Acquaintance, physical objects, and knowledge of the self, by Gerald Taylor(p.168-184)
  5. Three studies of Russell's neutral monism (concluded), by R. E. Tully(p.185-202)
  6. Recent acquisitions: manuscripts, typescripts and proofs, by Sheila Turcon(p.203-205)
  7. Lowe's Whitehead: Continued, But not Concluded; a review of Victor Lowe's Alfred North Whitehead: the man and his work, v.2: 1910-1947(London; Johns Hopkins University Press, 1990)(p.206-209)
  8. "That obscure object of desire"; a review of Miranda Seymour's Ottoline Morrell: life on the grand scale(London; Hodder & Stoughton, 1992)(p.209-224)

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