Diospyros Morrisiana

An evergreen small tree. Bark is grayish in young trees, becoming blackish and longitudinally shallow-fissured in old.

Leaves are alternate, distichous, coriaceous, oblong, short-acuminate with an obtuse tip, entire on the margin, deep green and glabrous above, brownish appressed-hairy beneath.

Flowers in June to July.

Fruits ripenihg yellowish brown in late autumn.

This persimmon is widely found on from the warmer part of Japan to south-eastern China. It prefers moderately moist or rather dry site on sunny upper slopes.

The wood is used for the interior finishing, cabinetworks.

Distribution ; Honshu (Shizuoka west), Shikoku, Kyushu, Ryukyu, Formosa, China (south-east)


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