Prunus Maximowiczii

A moderate sized deciduous tree with purplish brown, smooth and lustrous bark, becoming gray or blackish and rough in old trees.

Leaves are alternate, obovate-elliptical, acuminate at the apex, broadly cuneate, obtuse or rounded at the base, duplicately inciso-serrate on the margin.

pubescent or nearly glabrous above, paler and pubescent especially densely on the midrib beneath.

Flowers in May to June, somewhat after the leaves.

Drupes maturing red to purplish black in July to August.

This cherry is widely distributed in the cool-temperate to subfrigid region, prefering to grow in rather rich soils on mountain sides.

The wood is used for furnitures, sculptures and sporting goods.

Distribution ; Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu, Kerea, Manchuria, Amur


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