Rhododendron Keiskei

An evergreen shrub. Branches are grayish brown or grayish white, bark finely rimulose or peeling off into irregular thin flakes.

Leaves are alternate, some whorled at the top of shoots, convolute in aestivation, lanceolate to oblong, acute or obtuse with a mucronate tip at the apex, rounded or slightly cordate at the base, entire except the slightly crenulate upper margin, often puberulous above near the base, paler and sparsely glandular-scaly beneath.

Pale yellowish green flowers open in April to May.

Capsules ripening in October, cylindric.

This shrub occurs on ridges and cliffs in cool- to warm-temperate zone.

It is planted in garden as an ornamental.

Distribution ; Honshu (Kantou to west), Shikoku, Kyushu, Yaku Island


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