The present version is 2.2

Explanation of this skin

It is the skin which it is possible to use in WMP10.
It attempted to make with the design of TRICORDER.
It is possible to do the display of the lyrics, the display
of the album art compared with the version before.
Also, it emphasized that it is real by expressing an influence
in the reflection of the screen to have imagined the screen of liquid crystal and Hikari at the button and so on.
To use this file, WMP10 is necessary.
Also, WMP before WMP10 can not use.

The file to download is condensed in the zip form.
When extracting, the file of TRICORDER.wmz is made.
When it makes display the property of the file and there is a button of the cancellation of the block, click and cancel.
Capture because Media Player starts up when clicking the file by the double.

As a result of using this file, even if a trouble occurs in a personal computer
We does not take responsibility. Please use it by accountability.
For the time being, it is moving by the personal computer here satisfactory