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"delta runner"

Deltadromeus agilis


Naming persons... Sereno,Larsson,etc.../1996

Early Cretaceous/W long/Northern Africa


"bird thief"

Ornitholestes hermanni

Naming person...H.F.Osborn / 1903


Late Jurassic

2-2.5m long / 11-13kg/Utah,Wyoming


"before Ceratosaurus"

Prpceratosaurus bradleyi


Naming peron...Huene(1910@Woodward)

Middle Jurassic/4m long?/England

"hollow tail"

Coelurus fragilis


Naming person...O.C.Marsh / 1879

Late Jurassic^Q long^@QOH^Wyoming

"delicate jaw"

Compsognathus longipes


Naming person...A.Wagner / 1859

Late Jurassic^1-1.3m long / 2.5kg^Germany,France

"Cheinese lizard with feathers"

Sinosauropteryx Prima


Naming persons...Ji & Ji / 1996

Early Cretaceous^0.7-1.3m long^China

This fossil which the more local farmer in 1996 found could not expand an image, the fuller build was left.

Even the traces of the feather with 10 - 14 millimeter length are being cleared.

Only, I don't well understand whether or not it is the one which is near the body hair, being the one which can call this " feather " a feather by accomplishing.

If picturing a feather at the dinosaur, the image leaves something which it isn't possible to finish digesting in me.




"chicken mimic"


Gallimimus bullatus

(Another name: Ornithomimus bullatusj


Late Cretaceous ^4`6^Asia


Dromiceiomimus brevitertius

Another name: Ornithomimus brevitertius


Late Cretaceous^3D5^Western North America

The reappearance of the bill wasn't being done in the materials which I referred to.

Therefore, I had a head referring to the head of dromiceiomimussamueli.@

"pelican mimic"


Naming@personscPerez-Moreno, Sanz, Buscalloni, Moratalla, Ortega & Rasskin-Gutman, 1994


Early Cretaceous^2m@long^Spain

As for Ornithomimosauria, little has a tooth.

However, Pelecanimimus had about 220 small pointed teeth.

It has the possibility not to have been a herbivorous dinosaur.

The discovered build was in one sheet of big rocks of lime rock from the fossil excavation scene on the Spanish center.

The bone of the lower part of the body isn't discovered.

Also, the impression of the skin was left at the throat, the neck, the shoulder, in the upper arm part and I wavered but didn't picture a body hair.




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