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Alxasaurus elesitaiensis


Naming person...D.A.Russell&Z.Dong/1995


Eary Cretaceous/RDT|S long^Mongolia


Therizinosaurus cheloniformis


Naming person...E.A.Maleev^PXTS


@Late Cretaceous/W|PP long^Mongolia,Kazakhstan,Transbaykalia

This dinosaur leaves only very imperfect skeletons.

But, the peculiar figure has the charm which I can't help drawing once.

"slow lizard"


Segnosaurus galbinensis


Naming person....@Perle^@1979


4`9 long/Late Cretaceous/Mongolia


It has the characteristic which is peculiar to pelvis, the hand, all of the legs.

This is to have understood later but is characteristic of the Therizinosauria.

"bird mimic"


Avimimus portentosus

Naming persons...Kurzanov/1981


Late Cretaceous/@1.5m@long ^15 kg@/Mongolia

Avimimus (bird mimic) is a little dinosaur to run fast.

The shin and a thigh are slender, and the shin and a thigh have a foot like a bird, and both a neck and a tail are long.

Avimimus had a wide short wing, and Avimimus was folded toward the body. An eye and a brain are big. The length : 1 - 1.5m. The age : Late Cretaceous (Campanian), 75 million years ago

"conch plunderer"


Conchoraptor gracilis

Naming person...Barsbold /1986


PDTH long^Late Cretaceous^Mongolia

It often looked like Oviraptor.

But, Comb of the head didn't develop.

Therefore it has ever thought long ago with the child of Oviraptor or the female.It has Bill which a tooth is not in, and therefore a shellfish is broken, and there is a scholar who thinks that it was eating, too.

"Eeg plunderer"


Oviraptor philoceratops

Naming person....H.F.Osborn /1924


@QDT long ^@RR^Late Cretaceous^Mongolia

"tail feathers"


Caudipteryx@ zoui

Naming persons...Ji Q.,Philip Currie, Norell & Ji S./1998


@Late Jurassic`Early Cretaceous /70-90cm long@/China

@Caudipteryx had long legs, very short arms, and was about the size of a turkey, about 1 m tall. It lacked the typical theropod long tail but had a short tail with a generous fan of feathers up to 6 to 8 inches (0.15-0.2m) long. Its teeth were long, sharp, and had deep, bulbous roots.


"Ingeni-Khobur (in the Gobi Desert) one"

Ingenia yanshini

Naming persons...Barsbold/1981


1.5-1.8m long/6kg?/Late Cretaceous^Mongolia

Ingenia appears to have been a fairly typical member of the family of dinosaurs that includes the Oviraptor.

There is not a comb like Oviraptor but this dinosaur, too, is strange.

The tough bill has the hard prominence and it will have been able to break the thick shell of the shellfish, too.

Fossil in the spitting place, too, is left and the one where two pairs of eggs were born spiral-ly is discovered.

"slender hand"


Naming persons...Gilmore /1924


@@ Late@Cretaceous/Canada /1.7-2 meter@long/20-50kg


The fossil was discovered in the State of Alberta of Canada. Most portion is left behind and the reappearance fossil specimen also referred to the thing of the whole body. There is no tooth in a beak, and although it is based on predation rather than it calls it a meat diet, I think that it was omnivorous.

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