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New image Velociraptor


"A tooth to hurt"

Troodon formosus(Sutenonychosaurus)

Naming person...J.Leidy / 1856


@Q|R long^TO^Late Cretaceous ^Alberta,Montana,Wyoming

"lizard bird form"

Saurornithoides mongoliensis

Naming person...H.F.Osborn /1924


@Q|RDT@long^PR|QV^Late Cretaceous ^Mongolia

"Chinese bird form"

Sinornithoides youngi

Naming persons....D.A.Russell & Dong.Z / 1994


@PDP@long^Eary Cretaceous^China

"Bambi (fictional fawn) plunderer"

Bambiraptor feinbergorum

Naming persons... Burnham, Derstler, Currie, Bakker, Zhou & Ostrom^QOOO


1m@long/Late Cretaceous/Montana

Bambiraptor was a juvenile coelurosaur, an advanced theropod (meat-eating dinosaur). This small predator was originally thought to be a juvenile Velociraptor or perhaps Saurornitholestes langstoni. It was a small, fast, meat-eating dromaeosaurid dinosaur from the late Cretaceous period. Bambiraptor was about 3 feet (1 m) long and may have weighed about 7 pounds (3 kg). It had a deadly, sickle-shaped toe claw on the second toe of its foot. Bambiraptor was found in the upper Two Medicine Formation, Montana, USA. The nearly complete, fossilized skeleton was found in a dinosaur bonebed, near a Maiasaura skull.



"Utah plunderer"

Utahraptor ostrommaysorum

Naming persons...Burge,Gaston&Kirkland /1993


@V long^P^Eary Cretaceous^Utah

Remains...hand claws & foot claws, tibia, lachrymal, premaxilla, tail vertebrae

"running lizard"

Dromaeosaurus albertensis

Naming persons...Matthew & Brown /1922


PDW long^PT^Late Cretaceous^Alberta,Montana


"terrible claws"

Deinonychus antirrhopus


Naming person...J.H.Ostrom / 1969@


QDQ|S long^@TO|VT^Eary`Late Cretaceous


"lizard of bird thief"

Sauronitholestes langstoni

Naming person...Sues,H-D. / 1924


@Q long^T^Late Cretaceous^Alberta

A head bone and a frame are only partly just discovered.

These dinosaurs look like Velociraptor@mongoliensis very much when I judge it from some books which I referred to, and the materials.

But, I am an illustrator.

Another kind and the one which I thought this dinosaur stimulate my imagination by far.


:"swift robber"

"Swift Robber"


Velociraptor mongoliensis

Naming person...H.F.Osborn/1924


1D8 long^Late Cretaceous^.Mongolia

"Micro Robber"

Microraptor gui

Naming person.....Xu, Zhou, Wang, Kuang, and Du/ 2003


0.7m^@H^Eary Cretaceous

Microraptor gui was found in China.

This dinosaur is a very new dinosaur of the leg not only is changing to wings like a bird the front, but feather growing, changing to wings and having four wings in a hind foot. Western Liaoning province was inhabited in the first half of the Cretaceous.

In full length, 77cm and the nail are curving keenly, and a tail is long considering the length.

A front, from Archaeopteryx, the form of a leg has near and a large sternum to present-day

birds, and the hook-like projection as which it is regarded by only the birds which progressed comparatively has no less than seven pairs.

Since it is such, Microraptor Gui has elementary flight capability, and it can be guessed that it is the animal of the transition stage of the dinosaur which cannot fly, and the birds which can


"Chinese bird lizard of the millennium."



DESCRIBER ....Xu, Wang & Wu, 1999

Dromaeosauridae / Carnivore

Early@Cretaeous / China/1|1D5@long


The carnivorous dinosaur of the 2-pair-of-shoes walk discovered in China.

It had the head which sharpened thinly, and long and slender hand and foot, and the light body was covered with a feather.

The tail was hardened by the tendon of a bony tissue and was cylindrical.

A pair of Velociraptor


"May I sit here?"


"As for the children?"

"They have already slept."



Feather and bare skin

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