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 The reptile before the dinosaur

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Dimetrodon grandis


Late Permian period


It had a powerful jaw and a brutal tooth like the member of the other eating meat of the Sphenacodontia


3.2m / Carnivore  / North America





Early Permian period

It lived approximately the same time with Dimetrodon but as for this, the small tooth had grown closely inside the upper and lower jaw.

Tooth itself was doing a pteridophyte in the fen small with the food.

 As the species, Cruciger, Pogonias are known.



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Euparkeria capensis


Archosaur/ carnivore (meat-eater)

Early Triassic/South Africa/0.6m long

Euparkeria appeared in Early Triassic.

It is the Ancestor of the dinosaur and It is the evolved Archosaur which can walk vertical like the dinosaur

It could run with two back legs.


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"post crocodile"

Naming person...S.Chatterjee/1980


Up to 6 metres long/Just under 1 t/USA / Late Triassic


Postosuchus was not a dinosaur.

Postosuchus was a fast-running archosaur that lived during the late Triassic period,

This carnivore (meat-eater) had a long tail, a large, wide skull, and a narrow snout with many large, dagger-like teeth. It was a unusual quadrupedal reptile whose legs were columnar (and not sprawling out to the sides); the rear legs were longer than the front legs. It had five-toed, clawed feet. Postosuchus was about 20 feet (6 m) long and about 6.5 ft (2 m) tall. Fossils have been found in the Post Quarry in Texas and the Petrified Forest in Arizona, USA, North America.

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