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New image  Neovenator salerii


Piatnitzkysaurus floresi

Piatnitzkysaurus is the medium-sized carnivorousness dinosaur of the middle of the The Jurassic period.

Because a head bone couldn't be reproduced, it tried to do referring to the head bone of Allosaurusu. 


Pair of Carnotaurus

51kb New

Two in the wood

Original size 1500x700 pixcel 648kb jpg

36kb New

Original size 1600x1000 pic

Suchomimus tenerensis

 Place: Niger / Name age: 1998 / 11m long (sub adult)

Sucomimus was discovered in the African Continent.

But, the figure looks like Baryonyx inhabiting the north continent

where I separated the sea.

The length is estimated at 11m though a restored frame was a subadult's bone.

Sucomimus belongs to the company of Spinosaurus eating a fish.

It is estimated to live about 100000000 years ago.

Suchomimus tenerensis means the "crocodile of the desert" in Greek.

A jaw is much longer than Baryonyx which is similar to this, and a head is poor.

It was made new species from an age's being different.

Baryonyx walkeri 30kb New

30kb New version

Original size 1600x850 pic

Carnotaurus sastrei

I am poor at drawing this dinosaur.

It was unrealistic, and a little arm drew it too much and many times and again with what as well not to feel unnatural in this in the arm.

I think that I could express the image which was finally living with this image which I had referring to the frame figure of GREGORY S. PAUL.

The image related to the head is in Page2.


"Yang-chu'an lizard"

22kb New version

Original size 1600x750 pic

Yangchuanosaurus shangyouensis


Naming persons...Dong,Chang,Li&Zhou / Naming age....1978

Place...Chaina / 7.9-10.8m long / 1330-3400kg

"Chinese plunderer"

20kb New version

Sinraptor dongi

Naming persons....P.J.Currie &Zhao / Name age....1994


7m long /? kg

"Abel's lizard"

New image 2000.1.23 27kb

Abelisaurus comahuensis

Naming persons....Bonaparte & Novas / Name age....1985


6.5m long?/1.5t ?

 The piece of the head bone which is partly left is a typical Megalosaurus kind.

The stop of the hole of the eye is common to Carnotaurus and Ceratosaurs.

"Indian crocodile"

New image 2000.3.05 31kb

Indosuchus raptorius

Naming persons....von.Huene & Matley / Name age....1933

Place....India/ late Cretaceous period,

6m long/1t ?

This meat-eater had many serrated teeth and a narrow, crested skull with a flattened roof. I drew this dinosaur in the small size as a primitive T-rex kind.

27kb jpg


The image related to the head is in Page2.

An image about the frame is in Page10.

Allosaurus fragilis

"different lizard"

Naming Person...Marsh/Name age.....1877


10-12m long/1000-1700kg

New image Click ! 30kb 350dpi jpg(70%quality)***loF.jpg

33kb jpg

Allosaurus atrox


Naming Person...Marsh/Name age.....1878


7.9m long/1700kg

New image


Length:(6-10 meters


Height:. 2-3 meters


Weight:2 - 4 tons

Neovenator salerii

"New Hunter "


Time:Early Cretaceous ( 127 million years ago)



Neovenator is the only member of the Allosaur family to have lived in what is now Europe.

This was a large, fierce meat-eater. Although Neovenator resembled Allosaurus, it did not look exactly like its distant North American cousin.

It was lighter and faster than Allosaurus, and it had bigger teeth! Neovenator was definitely the ruler of Early Cretaceous England.

First discovered in 1978, it was nearly 20 years before the fossil bones were finally removed from the ground. Scientists were pleased to find a new carnivore that was 70% complete.

This dinosaur provides important information about the food chain in Cretaceous Europe.



Eustreptospondylus oxoniensis

"Well reversed vertebra"

Naming Person....A.D.Walker/Name age...1964


4.63m long/218kg


"Big lizard"

1999.12.15 New image


Megalosaurus  bucklandii

Naming Person...H.Von.Meyer/Name age...1832


9-10m long/1000-1500 kg


21kb 1999.6.18 remaked


Becklespinax altispinax

28kb New


This beast leg kind stirs up my much imagination.

But, there are few left data too much.

Even if various literature is examined,

it isn't definite, and I am hard to take the image of this dinosaur .

I drew these some dinosaurs so far.

But, as for displaying it, this is the first.






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