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Amazing long distance migratory butterfly


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The Chestnut Tiger Newsletter No.50 (The Chestnut Tiger's Migration Research Group)is a issue of Asagimadara migation.

Migration of ASAGIMADARA

Asagimadara(Palantica sita niphonica) is well-known as long distance migratory butterfly. It belongs to the Danaidae family. Migration study has started 1980's, and research spot has also increased in whole Japan.
Our society, "Research Group of Parantica sita in Shinshu" has organized by many people working in various fields, for example, hawk migration watchers, insect fans, nature-watch enthusiasts, ecology biologists, environmental education worker, and natural park rangers, for investigations the actual situation of migration and conseravation action of its habitat in Shinshu(Nagano prefecture), since 1997.
We have acquired many results every years. There were exactly amazing. It flew far beyond the seas, some of records ware over 1,000km. The longest was 1,784km from HAKUBA village to Miyako island (Okinawa pref.) at 1999. How can only 10cm wing butterfly flies away so far? Why It flew across the sea.? Asagimadara has more wonderful mysteries.

In 1997, Elementaly schoolchildren recaptured the longest recorded one of the year. That news was introduced by the Foreign Ministry information, JAPAN INFORMATION NETWORK, MONTHLY NEWS January 1998


Write to wing directly with oily marker pen.

Growth of Asagimadara - from larva to emergence

Parantica sita

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